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SBH Laboratories provides practitioners powerful insights through definitive drug testing to help improve patient compliance and reduce the risk of diversion, addiction, and illicit use.


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We understand the need to receive results quickly and efficiently. Our test results are provided…read more


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Our standard test is comprised of a 68 panel testing, however we offer the flexibility of customizing…read more


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Practitioners have many options when choosing a laboratory to work with. At SBH, we believe in pushing the status quo by continuously innovating ourselves, our science, and listening carefully to our customers’ needs.
Our purpose and goal is to deliver our very best, providing you with reliable, dependable, and resourceful information that your facility can count on.


Using triple quad spectrometry, we can detect individual drug analytes and metabolites to determine…read more

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Test results can be obtained through a secure portal. Results are released into the portal in chronological…read more


Depending on your individual needs, a unilateral or bilateral interface can be implemented for test…read more

History Report

To help capture and identify trends in drug usage, a cumulative history report is provided….read more

About SBH Laboratories

SBH Laboratories is certified by the Commission of Office Laboratory Accreditation (COLA), the premier independent clinical accreditor, to meet stringent Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulations.


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